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About Our Story

GTR Photo LLC was founded by Gabriel Thomas Rogers in 2015, representing the culmination of a journey that began with a high school film class in 2004. What started as a hobby for Gabriel rapidly developed into a profound passion for photography. His talent was first recognized during his time at Sharpshooter Imaging at Steamboat Ski Resort in 2007, where he excelled in composition and effortlessly made his subjects feel at ease, becoming one of the company's top commission sales photographers.

Gabriel's journey took a significant turn when he was offered a full-time, year-round management position at a local camera shop. Managing this store from 2011 until its closure in 2017, Gabriel immersed himself in the local photography community, learning from seasoned professionals. This experience was invaluable, particularly in honing his skills in real estate photography, which gradually became a central aspect of his professional life.

By 2015, real estate photography constituted a significant portion of his income, marking the official establishment of GTR Photo as a professional venture. Since then, Gabriel has photographed over 50 weddings, hundreds of family portraits, and nearly a thousand homes, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to his art.

Gabriel Thomas Rogers

Gabriel Thomas Rogers is a passionate photographer and videographer, the creative force behind GTR Photo LLC. With a special fondness for astrophotography, Gabriel combines his professional expertise with his personal love for capturing the night sky. When he's not behind the camera, Gabriel embraces adventure and the outdoors, often found snowboarding, skiing, or mountain biking. He loves spending quality time with his two amazing kids, exploring nature, and camping. His artistic talents extend beyond photography, as he enjoys singing and acting, and is currently nurturing a growing interest in dance.

Mission and Vision

At GTR Photo LLC, our mission is to showcase the distinct difference between casual smartphone pictures and the refined artistry of professional photography. We aim to capture moments in such a vivid and lifelike manner that viewers feel as if they are part of the scene.

Why Choose GTR Photo?

What sets us apart is our unique approach to client communication and our flexibility in managing projects. Known for being down-to-earth and approachable, we prioritize building strong connections with our clients. This approach, combined with our commitment to quality and our ability to exceed expectations, makes us stand out in the field of professional photography. We pride ourselves in the consistency of our vision to deliver high-end interior and exterior architectural imaging services quickly, ensuring your projects shine with the utmost quality and efficiency.

GTR Photo LLC offers commercial photography and videography services across Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Oak Creek, Stagecoach, Clark, Craig, and the surrounding areas.